We have come to a turning point in our spiritual evolution. There is now enough imperial evidence that show humans have an energy field that exists while alive. Could this field be what is commonly known as the soul?

There are several recognizable patterns between near death experience and other spiritually transformative occurrences. Is there a deeper connection between these experiences and a place we all go after this life ends?

People speak of a place that is their true home. Reconnecting with loved ones, realizing they have known them for a very long time. Upon returning every thought feeling and memory come before us, and also all of those we have interacted with. This seems to all happen before a committee of light beings that closely watch in support as we judge our own actions.

There are now reports from people remembering being in a heavenly place, a place of light and love. As they left that place to come here, they are determined to hold that memory of where they came. More importantly, to spread and teach love as their highest priority.

The information seems to point at the idea that all of this truth is within us, and we never left this other place, it is still a part of our every breathing moment. Have we just phase shifted into the physical for this temporal experience within the pool of life? The few that have glimpse this introspective through transformative spiritual or near death experiences have been reporting it throughout history. It is nothing new, some were considered profits while other heretics.

There are words in which these people used to describe their experience. These words have become the foundation of spiritual philosophy, and then used by; religions, parapsychologists, new age spiritual groups and the popular culture. Are these works the A, B, C’s of a spiritual language?

Might we consider these profound and enlightening experiences as a catalyst for human evolution?

  • – Celebrity and historical Near Death Experience
  • – Eternal aspects of Human Consciousness
  • – Dimensional aspects of spiritual transformative event
  • – People remembering life in-between life (heaven)
  • – Thread between NDE and other spiritual event
  • – Reports of people recalling decision just prior to conception
  • – Dimensional aspect of human consciousness
  • – Expanding the Spiritual Language
  • – The blind see while dead
  • – Parents connecting with their child prior to conception


Near Death Experience (NDE) is only one aspect of transformational experiences. There are many ways this can occur; paranormal, spiritual or supernatural event. Giving someone a glimpse of the other side, a higher dimensional world. In the case of NDE it’s accidental, but other spiritual experiences can come from; type of hypnosis, meditation, therapeutic sessions, deep seeded memories, meditation, astral, prayer effort, dimethyltryptamine, a lapse is consciousness… When a person’s state of consciousness defy normal conscious reality epiphanies occur, brain shift happens. In some cases, there is a memory of being in a place of light and love prior to conception. *None of the material presented herein was obtained from people channeling or any type of medium invocation, all stories of personal experiences. The data from these spiritual experiences points out our eternal nature and interconnectedness at a higher vibrational plane of existence, a heavenly dimension that we are all a part of – at this moment.

If NDE’s reports had no correlation to each other, the assumption would naturally be that there is nothing to it, but that is not the case.  Not only are NDE’s similar to each other, that are also similar to many other life changing transformational events. But importantly, the similarity between these occurrences establish patterns, a thread. The thread between transformative experience run deep, and paints a bigger picture. Nearly all transformative spiritual events have points that touch, interconnect or cross in some way. By looking at these events side by side the parallels are undeniable.

People have troubles explaining their experience in words, stating that its beyond words, and in any terms is difficult to define in words. Early religion established a vocabulary to explore and explain these phenomena. Those words empowered people to talk about and have relative context to communicate spiritual occurrences and beliefs. These terms and words have successfully carried forward through time. It is time to look at these words from a scientific standpoint, not a dogmatic one. Referring to terms such as: soul, spirit, eternity, heaven… These words convey ideas about the higher dimensional aspect of our existence. The author believes spiritual truth allows us to see who we really are, the higher dimensional aspects of our deeper self. This kind of information could be an important catalyst in elevating planetary consciousness rapidly.  The author coveys how important the research and comparison between all the different types of transformative experiences. The research could help the world, if the data is assembled in the proper way. The research conveyed herein is just the beginning, scraping the surface, so to say. Once the voluminous data (people’s transformative experiences) is assembled, it will profoundly affect the spiritual growth of humanity.

Upon researching this subject, the author noticed a pattern that seemed to be the underlying force of all things. From his research of spiritual phenomena, he has concluded that everything is made (living and or inanimate) of what we refer to as love. This energy is the unrelenting force that motivates all things to be, to become, to manifest into existence. We exist in the physical universe, a universe of the endless cosmic universal expanse of love energy, it’s part of the never ending or everything forever, infinity…

The author sees light as the future of health and medical industry. Light’s many applications are rapidly changing the medical industry. There is remarkable information available, the author has interviewed leading experts from all over the globe. Light is not only highly useful in diagnosis and analysis, but more importantly in its treatment applications; as NASA uses it to heal astronauts. Light therapies is now used by Physicians, Chiropractors, Sports Therapists, Dentists, Neurologists and Veterinarians. Photobiological treatments from pain management to regeneration, also including cancer therapies, non-healing lesions, sports injuries, ophthalmology, blood cleaning, etc…

Light is taken for granted, with the importance of sunlight commonly overlooked, and effect of artificial light on biology being unknown or misunderstood. 

The use of light is changing the medical industry, while saving it money. This Global Technology is being used in Europe, Russia, USA, Japan, also by global space agencies including: NASA, DOD and the US Military. Light’s effect on biology is being researched at Harvard, Stanford, Texas, Berkeley… Professional Athletes and Sports Therapist are using light to speed up recovery, they are also applying light to increase performance, endurance and muscle mass with success. Light’s Actions: Injured cells Stabilized, Increases Circulation, Accelerates Cell Metabolism. Function: Reduces Inflammation, Moves Fresh Blood In – Toxins Out, Get Nutrients into Cells. While activating Collagen, Nitric Oxide and ATP. 

Modern advances in science and engineering have cultivated this new technology. The Ancient Egyptians were Curing with Colors, ancient India was using Seed Extracts and Sunlight to treat. The Greek’s Practiced Heliotherapy “Sun Exposure.” In 1903 Neils Finsen won Nobel Prize for treating patients with Light. In 1923 Emmit Knott Performs successful UV Blood Irradiation. Then in 1967 Dr. Mester Discovers monochromatic light’s positive effect on cells by accident. By 1970 Dr. Popp Published Article about Human Biophotons, shortly after Dr. Thomas Dougherty Creates Photodynamic Therapy. The in the 21st Century Dr. Boris Zemelman performs the first Successful Optogenetics Tests. 

Optogenetics communicates to Neurons at the Speed of Light. It uses light to control cells & neurons in living tissue. Another surprising application of light is use of ultraviolet Light Successfully Treats Jaundice Babies, it’s the color of light that produce Vitamin D. Study studies showed Reduced Worker Illness and Lower rates of Cancer near Equatorial Regions. UV light Kills Viral/Bacterial Substances Water Filtration, Air Filtration & Operating Rooms. UV light is the most biologically active wavelength for life.

All Living Cells Emanate Light, it’s part of a cell communication process. In 1923 Russian Scientist Alexander Gurwitsch wrote white papers on what he called Mitogenic radiation, his peers didn’t believe it. It took 50 years for Dr Fritz Popp (with much ritacule) to prove him correct, Popp was a Leader in this Field of Research. It is Believed that light in stored in the DNA of cells. When a cell is Suffering is get Brighter as if Screaming for Help from other cells. Healthy Cells have a Lower Biophotonic Signal. Experiments have proven Mediating people have the lowest (calmest) light signals. Healthy people have Symmetry in their photonic field, Unhealthy people not. Popp Speculates that the biophoton field Enables Bird, Fish… to move in  formation.  The mechanism of of how Biophotons emit light from our cells is not clearly understood. DeBow believes resonance cellular fields such as biophotonics deserves serious scientific attention. Once these light signals coming from the cell are uncoded, science could engineer signaling patterns of light that will be highly receptive to the photo-acceptors molecules in every cell.

Color Light, reflective color has a very significant effect on us: Biological and Emotional The Irlen Institute uncovered amazing understanding about Children’s Comprehension. Healthy Light vs Bad Light, Jon Ott coined “Mal-illumination.” In industrial farming utilized blue and red light. Fish hatcheries use specific light color to differentiate sex of the fish. Direct sunlight all over the body by sunbathing every day has been proven: Cause Vitamin D Production, Lower Blood Pressure, Balance Hormones, Reduce specific types of cancer growth and incidents. We evolved under natural sunlight, we need it more that you think. Lacking sunlight can lead to seasonal Effective Disorder and Rickets in children. Dark complected people need as much as 4 times the sun exposure as  a light complected person.

Chapter One: The History of Light, Ancient Beliefs, Early Scientific Breakthroughs. 

Chapter Two: The Light Effect Light/Electromagnetic Spectrum, Sunlight, Human Luminescence, The Color Factor, Artificial Light. 

Chapter Three: Therapeutic Light Treatments, Full-Spectrum Therapy, Power of Ultraviolet, Laser/LED Biostimulation – Photbiomodulation, Secondary Effects, Light Therapy, Photodynamic Therapy, Blood Irradiation, Optical Brain Stimulation, Laser Acupuncture, Fungal Treatment.

Chapter Four: Cosmetic Light Treatments, Anti-Aging, Acne, Cellulite Reduction, Hair Regeneration, General Disclaimer, Glossary, Bibliography.

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