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New York Times claims former officials believe crashed UFOs retrieved by government

The New York Times claims former government officials and scientists are convinced the government has retrieved crashed UFOs and have studied


Republican Senator Says UFOs Are Flying Our Facilities, and Nobody Knows What They Are

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio told TMZ recently he’s worried by the lack of information on the stuff flying over


The Carter Administration’s Attempt to Create a NASA UFO Commission

Forty-three years ago was the last time the U.S. government considered creating an official commission to investigate and report on


NASA Administrator Who’s Seen Classified Version of UFO Report Doesn’t Think We’re Alone in Universe

Late last week, it finally happened: A long-teased intelligence report on UAPs, complete with firsthand accounts of Navy pilots, was released. And for those


Elon Musk sparks a Twitter frenzy with claim ‘there are UFOs’

‘I’m not saying there are UFOs … but there are UFOs’, the SpaceX CEO tweeted This comment came in a


Pentagon Admits Testing Wreckage From UFOs

The Pentagon, according to information gleaned through materials secured through a Freedom of Information Act request to the U.S. Defense

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