5 Everyday Foods That May Help You Gain Vitamin B12

If you have been feeling fatigued, dizzy, lethargic or face a loss in appetite, there could be a possibility that you have vitamin B12 deficiency. There are many essential nutrients that our bodies require for healthy functioning. And one such nutrient that our bodies need in a reasonable amount is Vitamin B12. This essential vitamin is not produced by the human body naturally. It is primarily involved in red blood cell and DNA production. Some individuals don’t get enough vitamin B12, while others can’t absorb enough of it no matter how much they take in. As a result, vitamin B12 insufficiency is widespread, particularly among the elderly.

According to Dr. Ritika Sammadar, Max Healthcare Saket, New Delhi, “Vegans and vegetarians should get medical advice and take multivitamins and B12 supplements on a regular basis to ensure that their bodies are working properly. Vitamin fortified items, such as dairy-free goods, cereals, tofu, and others, can also be included in your vegan diet on a regular basis.”

So, keeping that in mind, we bring you everyday foods that you can add to your diet to gain vitamin B12 naturally.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency: Here Are 5 Everyday Foods To Have For Vitamin B12

1. Eggs

You can receive your daily dose of vitamin B12 by including eggs in your diet. Hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, or salads for lunch and dinner, are a wonderful method to provide a consistent supply of vitamin B12. Eggs can also be used to boost the nutritional content of soups and stir-fries.


2. Buttermilk

Vitamin B12 is abundant in dairy products. Buttermilk is easy on the stomach and full of health advantages, including digestive help. Buttermilk can be made at home or purchased at a store and consumed immediately.

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3. Cheese

Cheeses or cottage cheese (paneer) are some of the best sources of vitamin B12. Vegetarians may find it to be a good source of this vitamin. These meals are not only widely available but they may also be enjoyed in a variety of ways at any time of day.


4. Chicken

Chicken is a good source of vitamin B12 among animal-based foods. Adding chicken to your diet, which is also a source of lean protein, is another approach to ensure that your body is not nutritionally lacking.


5. Fish

B12 can be found in abundance in fish. Tuna, salmon, sardines, trout, and a variety of other seafood options are available. According to the US Department of Agriculture, salmon has a high quantity of protein, with roughly 40 gms in a half fillet. A cup or 150 grammes of drained sardines provides 554% of Vitamin B12.

Add these everyday foods to your diet if you are vitamin B12 deficient. But make sure you consult your doctor before including anything in your diet.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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